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This page will evolve over the coming weeks, months and will include many things that we get asked on a regular basis. If you want to contribute to this page, please drop us an email from the Contact Us form as FEEDBACK.

To kick it off, here is a document you may find interesting on Using META Tags on how to setup your DEFAULT META Tags in Candypress 3.* (it is in PDF format)

Read Online (PDF) 

Mod Installation Service.

CP Mods can now install your CP Mod for you. This is a service you can choose when you purchase one of our mods. Simply choose "We Install For You" and we will contact you to arrange all the details.

What we need from you:

The easiest way is for you to give us FTP access to your site. That way we can download the files we need to modify then upload them once we are finished. Ask your Web Host about guest FTP accounts or the possibility of temporarily changing your FTP password.

Another way is to send us the files via email or FTP, depending on the sizes involved. Please don t email anything to us until we've had a chance to talk to you about what exactly is required.

Don't forget, if you want to know something, please just ask.