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Multiple Product Images (cpm001)

This MOD was created to provide Multiple Product Images.

In standard Candypress, there is only provision to provide 1 larger images and the thumbnail.

This mod provides and unlimited number of images PLUS the ability to show an EXTRA Large image as well in a seperate layer.

FEATURES & Requirements:
  • Unlimited images per product
    (I know you will think about how many you really need)
  • Configurable # of Thumbnails (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... wide)
  • Thumbnail size NOT restricted
  • Thumbnail identified by the th_ prefix
  • Thumbnails must be created and uploaded
    (This version of CP has a good upload facility already (All the different hosting solutions prevent me from creating them automatically) 
  • Products Large image is the starting default
  • Files stored in the /ProdImages/ directory 
  • Images swapped without page refresh 
  • Add & Delete functions in Product Admin 
  • Thumbnails easily sorted to whatever order you require in Product Admin 
  • Seperate Access DB to store links to multiple images
  • Currently Access DB Only will still work with MSSQL using the seperate Access DB
  • Easy Installation, minimal MANUAL coding required on your part 
  • All changed files are Automatically Backed Up
  • System Variable to define Swap Event 
    OnClick or OnMouseOVer
  • Extra Large Image has been added So now we have the Main image, Thumbnail and Extra Large Image
  • Extra Large Image now uses a new Layer feature to prevent blocking by Popup Blockers
  • All code had been optimised 
  • All Manual instructions can now be printed direct from our Patcher Program
  • New Slideshow function on the XL Popup
  • New XL Popup on NON Multiple images
Upgrade is FREE to existing MOD Owners and requires minimal changes to your existing pages.

Note: This is a personal thing, not a requirement.
When setting up images to display, I always make sure the images and thumbnails are the same size ...

As an example of what I mean, on the demo site all thumbnails are 100x100px and the large images are 450x450px. 

What this achieves is a nice flow on the page when people are swaping images around. Just a thought for when you are setting up Multiple Images.

To view a DEMO of v3 of this MOD...



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