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Admin/NonAdmin Menu Manager Multiple CP v4.1 at CPMods.com, fully tested customised MODS for the Candypress eCommerce Shopping Cart




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Admin/NonAdmin Menu Manager Multiple CP v4.1 (CPM051)

In CP, we have the option for users Admin or NON Admin.

ADMIN is fair self explanatory, the standard one we use every day.
NON ADMIN - was designed to restrict a user to certain pages they are allowed to see and work on.

To enable the NON ADMIN user, requires editing every page you want them to have access to and changing a variable in the page to 1, the NON ADMIN user value.

Now there is a better way.

Our New Admin Menu Mod is now even better with three additonal Non-Admin logons. Admin can allocate any page they want to any non-admin user they want providing an incredible flexiblity in page permissions. The four non-admin users in our demo are Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty.

Login as ADMIN, the mod then allows you, in the ADMIN > Developer Tools > Admin Menu Manager section, to set Non-Admin access for each page (Admin always has permision for each page.


Admin Login/PW: admin/admin

NonAdmin Passwords: password

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