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Advanced META Tags - CP5-6 at CPMods.com, fully tested customised MODS for the Candypress eCommerce Shopping Cart




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Advanced META Tags - CP5-6 (CPM062)

With the release of v3 of Candypress we finally had built-in Meta Tags.

However, closer investigation shows that ALL pages in the new ExtraPage section would all have the same Meta Tags.

This was sort of true with Products as well, with the exception of the replaceable fields in the Title, Description and Keywords tags they would all be the same.

This new MOD - we called it Advanced Meta Tags, allows you to apply Page and Product specific META Tags to any ExtraPage or Product.

You should still create all the standard default tags as normal. Our MOD makes use of the basics and gives you access to the 3 Main Tags - TITLE - DESCRIPTION - KEYWORDS.

The replacement tags in standard Candypress still work with the ADVANCED Meta MOD

If no ADVANCED Meta exists for a page or product, it reverts to the standard default Candypress Meta Tags, the best of both worlds.

Now Meta Tags are a contentious issue amongst the SEO community, some say they work, others argue the opposite, so I guess you have to make up your own mind wheter you need them or not.
(For what it's worth, we still use them)

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