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Two New Mods

Posted on 10-Jul-2010
CP Mods is proud to announce the release of two new mods, an update of our most popular mod and a mod that a lot of people have been waiting for.

First of all is version 2 of our Static Pages Mod. This new mod uses less, more efficient code and a slightly redesigned folder structure. Now products and categories are kept in seperate folders plus we have removed the use of file names. Best of all it can be installed on all versions of CandyPress. We have also set up a demo of the mod so you can see it in action. Just head on over to the Store Front or Admin and take a look for yourself.

Second of our mods is our Admin Menu Mod for v5.1. This mod eliminates any need to physically set the admin level value on each individual admin page. Now all you have to do is set the permissions in the Admin Menu Manager and the mod takes care of the rest. It's even smart enough to know that if you want to allow access to an editing page it should also allow access to the appropriate exec page.

Both of these mods have been released at discounted prices so now is the time to grab them.