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USPS Online Rates change.

Posted on 26-Apr-2011
In May 2011 USPS will be changing their online rate calculator, something that Candypress relies on to calculate shipping for USPS shipping. The change is significant enough to cause the current method to fail once the changeover occurs.

Candypress has upgraded their current versions of their shopping cart to reflect this change but older versions will still fail. For those with the older versions of Candypress you can purchase a fix* for this issue from the Candypress website.

The fix is available Here

*Note: You will need to provide proof of purchase of your cart in order to obtain this fix.

CP Mods is now offering a website upgrade service. Anyone with an older version of Candypress can now have their site upgraded to the latest version (currently 6.2 or 5.2) buy purchasing an "Upgrade Deposit". What this means is you pay a deposit then allow us access to your site files. We will do an in-depth investigation to see what has to be done to upgrade your site to the latest version and then send you a quote for the overall cost of the upgrade. If you decide that you wish to go ahead with the upgrade then we will perform the upgrade and invoice you for the total cost, minus the deposit. If you decide that you don't want to proceed with the upgrade at this time then we will refund your deposit in full, no questions asked.

This service is great for people that have older versions of Candypress that have been modified and therefore can't be upgraded to the newer version using the standard upgrade procedure.

And now for the Big News. The Global Financial Crisis has hit a lot of businesses all over the world. As a result the US dollar has plummeted in value. Here at CP Mods we made the decision a while ago to base all our prices in Euros. We did this due to the Euros stability at that time, but now our customers from the US are finding it increasingly difficult to afford our mods due to the ever widening gap between the US Dollar and the Euro.

So in an effort to help not only our US customers but our customers from all over the world we are changing our pricing to US dollars. The good news for you is we are not changing the value. A mod that was 99 Euro will now be 99 USD.

That means our Static Pages Mod which used to equate to $143 USD is now only $99 USD.

It's our way of saying thank you for the support you have shown us over the years.