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EWAY XML - Australian Payment Gateway at CPMods.com, fully tested customised MODS for the Candypress eCommerce Shopping Cart




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EWAY XML - Australian Payment Gateway (cpm021)


eWAY XML Payment Solution

If you want to enter credit card details on your web and NOT transfer to the eWAY payment page then this is the solution for you.

There is a minimum amount of information that we require to process your transaction.

You POST an XML document to eWAY using your own valid SSL certificate.

We then POST the resulting transaction in XML back to your website.

eWAY works in the background! Your customer never leaves your website!

All information is sent and processed securely in the background!

This solution requires SSL and XML to be installed on your web server.

No knowledge of XML is required

Updated to include the CVN Verification Number

Eway Payment Gateway

Orders are automatically updated to Paid when a valid Response Code recieved back from Eway.

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