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Candypress Store Installation at CPMods.com, fully tested customised MODS for the Candypress eCommerce Shopping Cart




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Candypress Store Installation (cpm999)

We can istall your Candypress Storefront on your server for you and have you up and running in no time.

What do we offer?
  • Candypress Storefront Installation on your server
  • Candypress Adminstration installed on your server
  • Permissions set on the required folders
    - Database (CPData)
    - Prod Images
    - Downloads
    - Import
  • Setup URLS for standard access
  • Testing to make sure everything is working as required

What do we need from you?

  • Your licenced SF & SA ZIP files on your server
  • Description of your webspace structure
  • Admin remote access to your server during the installation
  • FTP access to the Webspace during the installation
  • URL of your domain
  • Details of your mail server and the mail component you intend to use
    ie: JMail, CDOSys, ASPMail, etc etc
  • Vailid Email address and password for SMTP Authentication
What we don't do?
  • Supply Candypress
  • Setup any Secure Server Cerificates
    These will need to be already setup correctly if you wish to use them
  • Setup any external software
  • Import products or do data entry

Should you need any further clarification, please use the Contact Us form to ask your questions prior to ordering.

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